Monday, May 21, 2012

Organizing SDMCET Alumni World and making it accessible

Organizing SDMCET alumni world and making it accessible to all interested is a challenging job. Benefits of such an organized alumni world is there all: alumni, current students, and more importantly to institution itself.
There have been many efforts towards this - creating Google Groups, Facebook groups and each have resulted in becoming a subset of big alumni population and an isolated world in itself.

But I want to give a try and work towards bringing all SDMCET alumni together. You may been requested to contribute your ideas on how to approach this and take this further.

Finding an organizing principle
How do I organize SDMCET alumni population? should I go by year of passout or branch or both? Suggest any idea that help us determining scheme of things. 

As a first step towards this kindly send the following information as a comment to this post.
Name, Year of passout and branch

Your suggestions can be made at the following Blog Post

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Mahesh hegde said...

Mahesh Hegde 2011 Information science..
It is good idea to bring all alumni together..yearwise could be made easier..And if possible please do share this link in facebook as very less students very rarely visit the googleplus..